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Pleasure as
A Lifestyle

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Detach from the norm. Slow down. Reclaim your pleasure.

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We All Glow

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Amplify Your Essence with our Ayurvedic Ingredients: Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Tobacco Flower, Remedy Plant Lab CBD. Made in the USA.

Ritualize Your Pleasure

Reclaim your Energy with our Ayurvedic Approach

YOKOKO’s mission is to foster a new way of living well, consuming less, and navigating the everyday by way of slow, mindful self-care.  Our products are designed to instill ancient Ayurvedic practices into your daily wellness ritual, granting you full permission to turn inward and reconnect with both yourself and nature. By using clean, simple ingredients, as well as time-honored tools, we seek to defy modern conventions and help you return to your roots.

Our Ingredients